About Us

Growing Towards Excellence

We are a professionally managed Animal Health Company from India founded in 2020. Rising awareness about the animal healthcare and veterinary health care has made us to evolve and provide need based supplements to enhance the profitability of Poultry and livestock farmer.

We are careful and responsible to develop and deliver the product based on science for wellbeing of animals and sustained productivity.

We are organisation of professionals in the area of Innovation, Brand building, Customer focus with the commitment to animal health and ethics in in the profession Company is specialized in the research, development, manufacture and sale in animal health space where in Innovation, Quality and ease of usage is the primary concern for us.

Without research, no single product is introduced in the market to have the credibility in the forefront.

Groexl…Growing towards excellence, we aim to build a great company that creates exceptional long-term value for our customers and employees. We built a company with Customer focus with entrepreneurial drive with great sense of honesty and integrity. .

We build a company as a Learning centre for our valued customers. we have 25 years’ experience in the animal health.

We are now ISO-9001 co
Our expertise in toxin management and Liver correction apart from feed and water acidification/sanitation, growth promotion (non -antibiotic way)

Our major brands include:





HEPEXL-premix and liquid

Srtivel liquid

XPEL-imported Toxin binder


Customer Oriented

We value customer feedback and their satisfaction is our greatest asset.

We love ideas

We welcome and cherish innovative ideas & try to implement them.

Long experience

We have come up with a long experience more than 25 years in Animal health sector.